Tune In

Build your audience better than before.

Followers are notified when you release new short video Snaks. They can watch your videos in the Gloopt mobile app, on your Gloopt webpage, or in your favorite social network.

Vital thing

Never miss a vital thing you want to say.

Integrated tools like the built-in teleprompter help keep your video message engaging and precisely under a minute.

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Easily widen your following and influence.

Reduce the risk of limiting your content to one channel. Build and share many Gloopts and short video Snaks to connect with multiple audiences.

"Finally, a video communication platform built for influencers."
- Terry Brock, Thought Leader & Speaker
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Get your audience to take action.

Insert a call-to-action link into any video to have it available for viewer all the time. Also burn your logo into each video you release – no need for post production!


Gloopt instantly generates Webpages.

Every Gloopt channel made will receive its own dedicated responsive Webpage with zero distracting ads – this is your world, your topic with your brand*.

*Available for eligible customers in our beta program.

"It took me only one minute to fall in love with Gloopt."
- Ted Coine, Author & CEO of OPENfor.Business
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